Dr. Jennifer Chen - Nashua Dentist

Dr. Jennifer Chen - Nashua Dentist

Nashua Dentist Dr. Jennifer Chen of Crown Dental has years of experience and expertise in dentistry. Finding the best dentist in Nashua can be challenging with so many dentists to choose from. Dr. Chen is one of the few dentists in Nashua who is truly caring and dedicated to providing you with high quality comprehensive dental care using advanced and proven dental treatments and technology. Dr. Chen is a dentist Nashua patients can trust with their oral health. With the help and assistance of her dental team, Dr. Chen is able to provide the exceptional dental care that you and your family deserves in Nashua.

Dental Services

At Crown Dental, Dr. Chen offers comprehensive dental services to patients in Nashua. Your comfort and care are Dr. Chen's top priorities and she ensures your dental needs are met. Dr. Chen offers the following dental services:

Dental Cleaning »
Dental Fillings and Bonding »
Dental Crowns »
Porcelain Veneers »
Dentures »
Dental Implants »
Tooth Extraction »
Pediatric Dentistry »
Root Canal Treatment »

Safe & Comfortable Environment

Crown Dental's office offers a comforting environment to help relax our patients, as well as our dental team. We help each patient feel comfortable and confident when they visit our dental office, whether it's for general dental cleaning or comprehensive restorative dental procedures.

Commitment to Patient Education

Another thing that sets Dr. Chen apart is her commitment to patient education and communication so you can make an informed decision regarding the right procedure for you, ensuring you understand the treatment options and the benefits each one brings. Dr. Chen believes that educating our patients is important in establishing and maintaining good oral habits and health. Dr. Chen provides thorough evaluation and each and every patient's dental health and consistently provide clear and honest answers to our patients' questions regarding their conditions and the best dental treatment options that fit their individual needs.

Conveniently Located Dental Office

Crown Dental's office is conveniently located between Nashua and Merrimack Rivers. Our dental office is located at 61 Amherst St Nashua, NH 03064, just across the street from the historic Holman Stadium. Our office can be accessed via all major highways and roads. We serve the New Hampshire communities of Nashua, Litchfield, Amherst, Milford, Merrimack and many of the surrounding areas.

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Crown Dental is a comprehensive dental practice based in Nashua, NH that provides dental care for children, adults and seniors. To schedule your dental consultation, call (603) 521-7739 or Email Us. Crown Dental office is conveniently located at 61 Amherst St Nashua, NH 03064.